5 Young Contributors That Should Be The Inspiration For The Next Generation


The world is becoming a better place only since the young generation is focusing on gathering the courage to make significant changes. Both, nationally and internationally, there are several activists and youth icons that strive to bring positive transformations to our society every single day.

On the occasion of International Youth Day, it is only right for us to appreciate the hard work and efforts of such young and dynamic individuals. To give these icons the spotlight they deserve and a big shout-out, we would love to put out their good work at the forefront.

Here is a small list that we have curated of youth icons from around the world who are leaving quite an impression.

Shamma Mazrui

Shamma Mazrui- Youth Advocacy, UAE

After completing her Master’s from the University of Oxford in Public Policy, Mazrui shifted her focus and started working actively in the spectrum of youth affairs. Her entire aim is to empower and encourage young individuals, so they can participate in the social and government fields of their country.

Isra Hirsi

Isra Hirsi- Climate Change Awareness, USA

The young climate change activist has been moving the earth and sky to get the consequences of global warming highlighted. Hirsi is even the founder of the US Youth Climate Strike group that focuses on establishing climatic change as an official agenda for all local and national policymakers.

Sneha Shahi

Sneha Shahi- Waste Management, India

An environmental aficionado, Sneha is also a Ph.D. student studying Sustainability and Conservation Science. She has managed to curb the utilisation of single-use plastic, which is the primary cause of water bodies being choked. Sneha also focuses on boosting native diversity through waste management.

Alaa Slah

Alaa Salah- Human Rights Activist, Sudan

Also known as the Nubian Queen, Alaa is one of the bravest human rights activists in the country. Not only did she guide the leadership of Sudan in working towards their country’s freedom, but Alaa also helped the local women emerge as a powerful group in the fight for freedom and stability.

Rimu Sultana

Rima Sultana- Women’s & Girl’s Education, Bangladesh

An active member of the Young Women Leaders For Peace group, Rima is known for providing educational material or resources to children and women. She works towards aiding in education and women empowerment for all the residents of Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Whether it is human rights or climate conditions, these youth icons are bringing positive changes to the world with their dedication. And each one of them proves that age is no bar when it comes to making a difference.

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