The Connection between Moral Education and Social-Emotional Learning


Our school education system was first introduced by the British in order to establish literacy and set a mindset of servitude in the pre-independence era. The system has had a few changes over decades but it hardly prepares children for being sociable at present or later in life; which at its level best encourages rote learning. If we drew reference from ancient India, children were sent to learn in “Gurukuls” in the forest where they learned not only important subjects prevailing at the time deeply explained with real-life examples but were also taught how to lead life in society at various stages of their life. The focus was on holistic overall development for leading their lives with due diligence.

In many Western countries, kids are allowed to explore the curriculum and learn in their own way with a lot more experiments and with various activities which imprint the lessons permanently in their minds. In stark contrast, the Indian school environment focuses on only those goals where only memorizing and writing ad hoc the entire curriculum. As if it isn’t enough to fry young brains, they are hardly spared at home also where the moment kids enter they are pulled in a million different directions based on their hobbies, interests, special classes, or social media and entertainment.

They do not even interact with their parents unless asked a question and would prefer to be engrossed in technology. They have no time to play or gain friends; they do not know how to make friends face to face not realizing that friends through social media are really strangers and just mere acquaintances. Chatting on Messenger is not the same as physical one on one interaction where body language and interpretations play a huge role in developing useful social skillsets.

A friendly nurturing environment is preferable any day over a physically and emotionally draining one which MiVirtue aims to provide where kids can learn ethics in an engaging manner while making new friends and practicing necessary skills with the most friendly and approachable teachers while using the maximum advantages that modern technology can provide.

Social interactions are a very necessary set of skills that will not only help children learn social interaction but also help nurture their overall development. The children will gain confidence and develop a well-balanced personality by learning and practicing these time-tested virtues which will improve their lives as well as the ones around them. Every parent wants their child to be excellent academically and in extra-curricular activities. But exactly how many parents can claim their children to be excellent human beings?

Indian Culture is world renowned for surviving since ancient times and it was well preserved and expressed through timeless moral stories liked by all ages. MiVirtue aims to recreate the same morals in more modern settings where children can not only learn from them but write their own life stories practicing these values. The time invested today in their emotional upbringing will make them not only better as an individual but also as responsible future members of society shaping their own destinies for a collective better future.

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