The Relevance of Teaching Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


AI can do a lot of things. It can help us in lots of ways, from redoing a resume to bag a good job to coding difficult programs, and may even make our lives a whole lot easier. There are even valid fears of AI replacing human beings in various industrial sectors through automation…. but it can never replace a human being, especially when it cannot decipher emotions. Similarly, parents nowadays can easily provide anything to their children by making their lives as physically comfortable as possible but still feel disconnected from their children’s lives, because they are unable to share the biggest elements ever……. Time and Empathy.

In this age of technology improving our lives in physical ways, the emotional connection or EQ is very much lacking and the absence of it has only widened the generation gap. All of us adults can certainly remember a time when we loved to sit in front of our grandparents narrating moral stories after having spent our energy going out and playing in open spaces all day long during the summer holidays and leading healthy lifestyles physically and mentally. The nuclear families of today don’t have that luxury and with various distractions, most kids do not have the patience or inclination for doing the same, the lack of physical open space to play in an overcrowded metro city is an entirely other matter.

They have lots of pressures forced upon their young minds and children feel stressed because of them. Kids nowadays face as many problems as adults do and no one has the time or patience enough to lend them a sympathetic ear, or they are silenced due to lack of time or discouraged due to external factors like friends or peers. Many adults themselves find it challenging to nurture morals and follow them in a very competitive environment where the motto is “Survival of the Fittest”.

Also, the majority of mindsets after the pandemic and recent mass layoffs in the tech industry have left everyone very depressed and no one is in a position to feel generous or have a positive attitude. Kids of the present generation have very high IQs but their level of EQ is very less or nonexistent due to a lack of proper examples or a family system where proper morals could be established by demonstration. There are hardly any elders around to advise young minds about difficult topics and guide them in the right direction. Also, social media pays a huge influence on these impressionable young minds and technology is so advanced that AI is now capable of teaching. But it will not be able to teach emotions or how to control them.

MiVirtue aims to assist parents in teaching timeless Ethics in a more contemporary setting that is entirely relatable and in an enjoyable format in order that at least the future generations are equipped with an essential skillset that prepares them to have a holistic approach to various circumstances and maintain a positive mindset in all situations.

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