The Role of Parents in Promoting Moral Education


It is said that the first moral compass of the child is set by observing the parents right from a very young age. With the way the adults behave, children watch, learn and emulate; Genetics apart, parents set the first behavioral patterns of their children and how they interact with their surroundings. That being said, parents ought to behave consciously by setting themselves as ideal role models for their children.

No adult can teach, care about or nurture children as much as parents and it is their primary role and responsibility in ensuring that their children develop overall into healthy adults physically and emotionally. But it is a huge challenge every modern parent faces today due to handling a tough work-life balance and not having enough time to focus on the child. They rush around trying to run their life smoothly while trying to make a good life for their children but deny them the most important thing that kids need which is their time and physical presence and a sympathetic ear from time to time.

Every parent loves to hear their child or children be praised for being good academically, in extracurricular activities but very few nowadays focus on the growth of their children as wonderful human beings. Frankly, they cannot be blamed, because every Indian childhood has fond and strong memories of parents ensuring their kids primarily focus only on academics in school and once completed to graduate in only Engineering or in medicine or in IT.

Ironically, this doesn’t prepare them for adult life the jobs where companies interview them to look for an overall developed personality and proper social skillsets. Companies expect candidates to adapt to situations, have ample decision-making skills, and be able to cope under all sorts of pressure which can be handled well by well-balanced individuals with a sound moral background and firmly rooted in self-discipline and ethical standards of conduct. Isn’t it high time we focused on ensuring that future generations are adequately prepared for handling the same?

Maybe they do wish for their kid to be more grateful or respectful to them or show more responsibility or compassion towards others but feel lost when trying to inculcate moral values. MiVirtue can help by working with both parents and their children in helping the future build a strong foundation of Ethics and a well-balanced mindset by inculcating the timeless principles of morality practiced in the past but in contemporary situations.

Children of previous generations grew up to love comics and stories from publications like Chandamama, Tinkle, and Amar Chitra Katha. But they lack a modern setting where children can use such knowledge for proper practice relevant to today’s times. MiVirtue makes an honest attempt to recreate the ethics taught from such moral stories in more contemporary, modern, and more relatable situations where children can easily recall such instances in their daily lives and easily absorb, inculcate, and nurture such precious values and find it easy to practice in their daily lives.

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